Founded in 2014, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment has grown into the wildest night in Atlanta nightlife. Featuring monthly events, an online community, and philanthropic projects, AWE is the greatest entertainment community in the South.


The monthly AWE live event is held at District Atlanta, Atlanta's hottest Westside night club.


Events are all ages, with a full service bar, VIP seating, and lots of ringside action.


Check out the latest videos, promos, and photos from the last five years, or join us with live streaming at match time.


We're proud to work with these fine Atlanta companies.


Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don't see an answer for your question, feel free to drop us a line in the contact form below.

Can I bring kids?

Yes! AWE events are for all ages. Just keep in mind that there may be some salty language and some adult themes. It is a wrestling event, after-all. There won't be any nudity.

Are food and drinks served?

Yes, District Atlanta provides a full service bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There is also an intermission with hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips for purchase.

Is wrestling real?

The wrestlers are real. The blood, sweat, and hard work are real. The fun is real.

What if I don't like wrestling?

That's okay! No one is born liking wrestling. We have a feeling that before your first AWE event is through, you'll be making plans to come to the next show. No one cares if you don't like WWE - this is a completely different experience.

How is seating arranged at the venue?

Good question and we have a great answer for you. Other than a few comfy couches that you can buy, THERE ARE NO SEATS at AWE events! You're invited to crowd around the ring and get as close to the action as humanly possible. Yes, this means you might get bumped into or sweated upon, but that's all part of the fun and the wrestlers know how to protect their fans.

Is it okay if I don't know the wrestlers or storylines?

Absolutely. AWE features wrestlers from all over the world traveling to Atlanta to make their mark in the indie wrestling scene. That means you probably won't recognize a lot of faces at your first event. Luckily, most of the wrestlers enjoy meeting their fans and you could be drinking (or workout) buddies before the night's over. If you can enjoy improv comedy, bands you don't know, burlesque shows, or any other live entertainment, you can definitely enjoy a random wrestling show.

Thanks, but this doesn't seem like my thing...

Technically not a question, but we hear ya! Live entertainment comes in many shapes and sizes. Pro wrestling has existed for over a century and the reason it persists is that it's just a lot of friggin fun. Incredible athletes are performing mind-blowing moves, just inches away from you, and it's almost impossible not to be impressed. AWE encourages its fans to play along with the wackiness - boo the bad guys, cheer the good guys, and OOOH and AHHH with the rest of us. It's a night you'll never forget.